BE Safe

BE Courteous

BE Respectful



Please read and go over the basic Student Responsibilities with your student(s).  With your help, and with the cooperation of all the student passengers, we will be able to continue to provide safe transportation.

To ensure safe and orderly rides for all students, video cameras may be used on the buses at any time in conjunction with the following "Assertive Discipline Plan":

Our Philosophy:

We believe all students can behave appropriately and safely while riding on a school bus. We will not tolerate students stopping drivers from doing their job or preventing other students from having safe transportation.

The following Student Responsibilities must be observed on the bus:

  1.  Follow the directions of the bus driver.
  2.  Remain seated and face forward at all times during the bus ride.
  3.  Be courteous and considerate at all times.
  4.  No profane language or gestures.
  5.  Do not chew gum, eat or drink on the bus (Choking Hazard)
  6.  Keep the bus clean - Use the trash box.
  7.  Do not throw objects out of the windows.
  8.  No spitting.
  9.  Remain seated until front door is opened.
  10.  No use or possession of tobacco, drugs or alcohol. No vaping.
  11.  Do not destroy property - costs will be billed to students/parents.
  12.  No live animals, reptiles, birds or pets of any kind.
  13.  No glass jars, bottles, etc.
  14.  Cross the street only in front of the bus, between the driver and the bus.
  15.  No firearms, knives, explosives or other dangerous objects.
  16.  No student will refuse to share a seat with another student.
  17.  No fighting or roughhousing.
  18.  No extending of any body part, including hair, out of the bus.
  19.  The driver will stop to discharge passengers only at designated bus         stops. (State Law)
  20.  Be at designated bus stop ten minutes prior to bus arrival.
  21.  Respect the 12 ft danger zone around the bus.
  22.  No flying missiles, snowboards, bike wheels.
  23.  Attempting to ride any bus after receiving a no-ride citation will result in         further discipline.
  24.  No student will be allowed to damage, deface or tamper with the bus.
  25.  Lighting of matches, lighters or firecrackers is strictly prohibited.
  26.  All passengers are to be quiet at railroad crossings.
  27.  Other unauthorized or unsafe actions are prohibited.
  28.  Students will not be allowed to get off at a stop other than that which is stated on the Transportation Application without a note signed by a parent or guardian and verified by the school office.


If a student chooses to break a rule, the following consequences will be applied:

1st Incident:  Verbal warning 

2nd Incident: Written Warning

3rd Incident:  Suspension

4th Incident:  Suspension with Parent/Principal/Agency/Student Conference