Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mid-Placer a school district?

No.  Mid-Placer Public Schools Transportation Agency is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) created by the school districts we serve.

Mid-Placer is a separate entity from the schools we serve. 

However, the state treats Mid-Placer as if it is a small school district.

What is a JPA?

A JPA is a Joint Powers Authority.  The California Government Code in Title I, Division 7, Chapter 5 Article I (sections 6500 et seq.), also known as the Joint Exercise of Power Act, authorized separate public agencies to form Joint Powers Agreements for any reason that will mutually benefit them.

Joint Powers Agreements are utilized to provide municipalities common and shared police, fire or redevelopment services. School Disticts and muicipalities often form Joint Powers Agreements for property, liability or worker's compensation insurance, such as Schools Risk Management Group.

A JPA has all of the rights and responsibilities as the members that formed it and some of those are specifically noted in the Agreement or in the California Code of Regulations.

Do you sell Bus Passes at the school sites?

No. Bus Passes can be purchasd at the Agency office at 13121 Bill Francis Dr. Auburn, CA  95603 or by mail.  All students must obtain a Semester or Annual pass with Mid-Placer.

Are one-way or casual rides available?

Students must have a Semester or Annual pass for Home-to-School transportation.

Students may apply for a punch pass that can  only be used to ride the Colfax High School Activity Run from after-school activities.

What is a Split System Brake Check?

Driver's perform a thorough pre-trip inspection of the bus each day before driving the bus.  For Air Brake equipped buses the driver performs a Split System Brake Check to ensure the braking system is functioning properly.